How to make clothes last longer

5 Simple Steps To Wash Clothes Correctly In A Washing Machine


Tip 1: Wash them in the washing machine for a complete cycle. Do not wash or scrub by hand. Wash them only if necessary.

Tip 2: Always wash clothes inside out. Add a dash of vinegar instead of a fabric softener at the start of the last rinse cycle. Do not tumble dry. 

Tip 3: Do not dry cotton clothes under direct sunlight and always dry them inside out. This keeps the garment from fading very soon.

Tip 4: Wash with like color garments and use mild detergents. Organic cotton fabrics are hypoallergenic and unless there are stains very mild detergents are sufficient. 

Tip 5: This one is very trivial, lot of people do not follow this. Do not overload your washing machine and do not dump a heap of clothes in it all at once. Put the clothes in the machine one by one and always fill it up to 3/4th the capacity. This prevents clothes from getting tangled and unnecessarily stretched while washing.

Our organic cotton clothing does not use harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process. Therefore, the quality remains top notch and if cared for properly would last for years to come. 

These tips are no different from what you would do for normal cotton clothing. However following these steps every time you wash your garments would ensure they last longer. 

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