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How Much Packaging Is Too Much Packaging

Does extra packaging actually make a difference to the customer? What does sustainable, eco-friendly packaging actually mean?  does minimal packaging affect brand value? We tried to sum it all up in this article. Give it a read.

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What is Organic Clothing?

Have you ever come across any item that is sold as a complete organic product and your thoughts immediately went to a negative mindset towards the cost, quality and durability of the product? We don't blame you. Till date very few have taken the time out to explain what organic clothing exactly means.  In fashion/making of garments, organic clothing means making fabric from raw materials (cotton) that have been grown by methods which do not harm the enviornment.  a) When we talk of purity of cotton, Organic cotton is handpicked which reduces the negative impact on its purity when compared to machine picked regular cotton. b) Organic cotton is grown by using natural seeds which do not need any   ...

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