5 Simple Habits To Help You Follow The New Sustainable Fashion Trend

5 Simple Habits To Help You Follow The New Sustainable Fashion Trend

1.Start with your daily wear

Everyone has a certain set of clothes which they wear very often at home, to play, to the gym or anywhere else. These set of clothes more often than not would be joggers, t-shirts, shorts, vests and lounge pants. These are the clothes which are washed and worn the most number of times. Naturally these are the ones that deteriorate quickly and are discarded or sent to recycle once they lose color, shape or even tear.

So the next time you wish to purchase these set of essential clothing, try looking at an recycled, upcycled organic brand. This way, the clothes that you wear most of the time would be organic and sustainable and this can be your start to slowly shifting to sustainable clothing.

 Men's Athleisure Joggers

2.Buy from ecommerce marketplaces that endorse and believe in sustainability

There are plenty of ecommerce marketplaces that sell only certified organic and sustainable products. Browse through those marketplaces and have a look at the designs and products on offer there. You will be pleasantly surprised at the range of designs available. These marketplaces and brands have sworn by sustainability and take great pride and care in making and selling their products. They sell eco friendly products and also help the local market in engaging artisans etc. 

3.Buy only what you need. Don't fall into the trap of trends

Trends are short lived. Have you gone through your wardrobe and found clothing which you loved to wear when they were in trend but are too embarrassed to wear them now? Well, don’t worry you are not alone. If you actually think about it, you spend more on clothes which you wear only once but look to buy cheaper clothing to wear every day. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  

Stop or control following trends. Buy utility clothing that are stylish yet practical. This way you actually save a lot on your purchases. Try this out for 6 months, check your spends, then you can thank us in our comments for that extra holiday you could plan because you bought only what you needed.

4.If affordability is what you are looking for, sign up and look out for offers.

Presently, organic clothing are considered premium and a luxury. That is because, since new sustainable fashion practices are involved in manufacturing, it takes time, effort and specific skills, processes and machinery to make a completely sustainable product. This increases costs and hence is sold at a slightly higher price than your normal clothing.

If you are interested in any product or brand, sign up to their offers and promotions. Wait for price drops and make your purchase. New age brands are extremely customer friendly and there are multiple touch points where you could get in touch with them and have a chat. Use these opportunities to get personalized discounts for your purchase.

5.Follow wash care instructions

Do you remember the last time you actually read the wash care instructions of the clothing you bought?

Taking care of clothing and following wash care instructions go a long way in increasing the life of the product and hence increasing utility to you and reducing the probability of the garment being discarded sooner.

Just think, if you follow the instructions carefully

  1. Your clothing doesn’t deteriorate quickly
  2. You do not have to spend on buying new ones
  3. This way lesser clothes are discarded

It is a win-win for all.


These are 5 simple steps you can start with. Keep these in mind when you make your next purchase. If you are able to follow even one of these, then welcome to the organic clothing follower clan. Our world is falling apart. We might not be able to see it on a daily basis, but this is an undeniable fact. New diseases, pollution, depletion of resources, chemicals etc. will all be the biggest threat to our healthy civilization if we do not take a step today.


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