You might have heard hundreds of stories on how two friends joined together to create a impactful business. Well, our story is no different.

It all started out when we were trying to understand the magnitude of clothes used by an individual, a household, a city, country and the world. The numbers and the impact to the world was horrendous. This made us think. Can we have the best of both worlds, Fashion and sustainability at a decent price?

Thus, Cuttlefish was born. The first brand of NJOI Ventures.


We aim to keep finding alternatives to the current materials used to create clothing to those that are sustainable or have less impact to the environment.


Our focus lies on consistently investing to find out alternatives with minimum impact to our current lifestyle.


We strongly believe quality is affordable and we strive towards achieveing it. Our products are made using fabrics that are sustainable and certified by global agencies. The 100% organic cotton used in our womens bottom wear range is certified by GOTS.

The use of sustainable materials trickle down to the quality of stationery we use in our offices. Our packaging, our trims, our labels are all sustainable. To reduce waste our packaging in very minimal and effective. We look to reduce the use of paper by sending bills and other communication via email. 

Living a sustainable lifestyle does not require any sacrifice in terms of quality of living, affordability or access. It just requires the correct mindset and we are here to support you achieve this.