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Often, men find themselves buying shorts either too long, too short or poorly designed, very poor fabric and just doesn’t suit their body. Have you ever purchased shorts online only to find out that the fit is horrendous and you have had to return it back? Or the quality is nowhere close to what you expected? Or the fabric felt very uneasy on the skin?

This article will help you with the different aspects to look out for while purchasing your favorite shorts.

Fabric has a huge role to play in the decision-making process since it affects all the above parameters. Some of the best shorts for men are sturdy cotton casual shorts that aren’t too thin, nor too thick.

The first aspect to look out for is Fabric:

    1. Fabric – Woven and Knitted

Most of the fashion brands now mention the type of fabric used, in the description section of the product. Look to buy Pure 100% organic cotton shorts for extreme comfort. There are also brands that mention half cooked information such as “Cotton Rich“ or so. Beware of such brands since this normally means they are blended fabrics, mostly blended with polyester or elastane or anything else. There are various types of fabrics you can choose from depending on what you want your shorts for.

Below is a very high-level classification of shorts based on their fabric type.   

Woven Shorts

Woven shorts are normally your golf shorts or semi-formal shorts made of material very similar to the chinos you wear. They are sturdy and hold shape but you might find them very tight and they make you look thin since they are designed to fit above your knee and almost take the shape of your thigh. They are also very rigid which means they have little or no stretch which makes them extremely uncomfortable when you have things kept in your pocket.

Knit Shorts

Knit shorts are the ones you normally see that are used for leisure, play, lounge or home wear. They are extremely soft since majority are made out of cotton and come in various sizes and designs. They are not rigid and have the inherent stretch of cotton in them. Extremely comfortable since they are mainly designed to be slightly loose fitting that helps enhance comfort.

The composition of fabric / type of fabric also matters since it has a direct bearing on comfort and style.

      2. Length of Men’s Shorts

 The Best Knee Length Cotton Shorts

The ideal length for casual or athleisure shorts is knee length. You can find the length of the shorts by the measurement of inseam given in the size chart or also get a good idea based on the model’s height mentioned in the product description and how it fits him.

Often you find yourself asking how long should men’s shorts be. Knowing what type of activity you would normally do with the shorts and your comfort level would determine the ideal length of the shorts. For many, an 8-inch inseam knee length shorts are ideal.

Read up on what shorts should guys wear to get an idea of the perfect shorts that would suit your needs.

       3. Stitching and Trim Quality

Best fitting shorts

If you already own shorts, you can judge their quality by taking into account how many times they have been washed and used and then look to buy similar or better ones.

Some shorts are meant only to be worn casually and come with pockets. These pockets can seldom hold heavy things and even if they do, they do it by pulling your shorts down because your elastic isn’t strong enough or the pockets aren’t designed properly.

Run with phones or keys in your pockets and you risk your phones swinging in to ring the bells (if you know what I mean).

These are typically your thin, extra light weight shorts that can have this problem. Also, over time you might notice no matter how tight you tie your drawstring in 10 steps you find yourself holding your shorts from falling down. This is also a result of poor elastic used by brands to cover costs.

Look out for brand reviews and try to ascertain the quality of the garment.

    4. What are you buying these shorts for?

There are various types of shorts for the different things you do. Buy the ones meant for the purpose intended since they are designed for it.

Some of the trendy types of shorts are:

  • Cargo Shorts for men
  • Casual Shorts for men
  • Athleisure Shorts for men
  • Summer Shorts for men
  • Bermuda
  • Boxers
  • Running Shorts
  • Swimming Shorts

    5. STYLING

This is not an aspect many people look at while buying shorts, but surely simple classic styling with shorts has proven to be a head turner if done correctly.

People often question what do I wear with shorts?

There are very limited options to be honest. It’s either a t-shirt with collar, a t-shirt without collar, a cool sweatshirt or a sleeveless t-shirt. The footwear also matters with options like sneakers or flip flops. Accessories such as caps or any other headgear or accessory can help enhance the look you are going for.

The best shorts for streetwear are normally long-knee length or slightly longer and a little baggy. Men seem to love long length shorts. 

These steps might seem basic, but the in depth information given can help you choose the right shorts without the hassle of returns, exchanges and disappointment of a purchase. Always remember the rule "Buyer Beware".

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