The Ultimate Guide On What Length Shorts Should You Buy

The Ultimate Guide On What Length Shorts Should You Buy


Finding the perfect length for your shorts is easy work if you have the answer to a few questions.

  • What are you going to use your shorts for?
  • What length of the shorts are you comfortable with?
  • Do you wish to wear a slightly loose fit shorts or do you like it to be sleek?

1. Short Length Running / Activewear Shorts

 Short Length Running Shorts

Professional runners / athletes prefer their shorts to be very short. This is their choice of length to enable free movement of their legs while running. More often than not these shorts are made of polyester material for their light weight and dry fit fabrics (Very harmful for the environment).

If you participate in marathons, are a professional athlete, a body builder etc. then your ideal go to shorts would be a short high performance cotton shorts that does not hinder movement and enhances performance. Yes, cotton does hold and absorb sweat and makes the garment slightly heavier but in case of running shorts we think this issue would not be present. Choose darker colors so that sweat patches are not seen. Cotton is any day better for the skin than polyester clothing.  

2. Knee Length Shorts

 Knee Length Casual Shorts

This is a segment that has lot of options in the market. Every other brand has a range of shorts for casual wear. But finding the best shorts can be a daunting task.

This segment majorly comprises of shorts made of 100% cotton or blended fabrics. You need to look at the description of the fabric used before making a purchase. These shorts range from a variety of uses from home wear, casual wear, sportswear, travel wear etc. with different types of shorts available as well.

When you choose your shorts make sure they are 100% cotton (organic cotton preferred). A blend of 95% cotton and 5 % elastane is okay but normally for shorts it is much better if it is 100% organic cotton.

Next, check if the brand provides details on thickness.

A GSM of 150-200 means it is extremely thin.

A GSM of 200-330 means it is light weight and medium thickness

A GSM of 350 and above means it is slightly on the thicker side

Higher the GSM the quality also increases. Knee length shorts are the most common and stylish and can be paired with almost anything. These are the most comfortable in terms of length, fit and overall comfort for anything you do.

If you are looking to buy shorts to wear to the gym, relax at home, wear it for your daily walk, wear to play or while driving long distances and comfort, fit and style are your priorities then look no further than the many options available in knee length shorts.


3. Short Length Tapered Woven/Knit Shorts

 Semi-Formal Shorts

These are slightly shorter than knee length shorts. They are not very baggy and have a tapered straight fit. Available in both woven and knit fabrics. Though they are preferred by quite a number of customers, these shorts are very uncomfortable. Shorts made of woven fabric tend to get very tight near the crotch area while doing any activity the involves free movement of the legs. With phones and wallets stored in the pockets they become increasingly tight and uncomfortable. They look amazing in ads shot in picturesque locations with semi-formal shirts and people partying in yachts. They look good and trendy too. But, score low on practicality and comfort.

If you need trendy semi-formal shorts for travel, vacation or that Sunday morning brunch with friends then this is the length and style to go for. But remember, you need to carry your purse and phones in you hand because these shorts don’t look good with their pockets full.


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